Someone needs to hear this…

at The Whitechapel Gallery London_

It’s not every time that you get what you ask for from people. People are a messy entanglement. We are a puzzle and its all because we have feelings….ego….fear…passion….and all these make us susceptible to change in personality.
Suffice it to say people are like a chef’s salad; they are mixed with all sorts of fruits and vegetables while added with vinegar of confusion…and for a moment it might feel like you know someone very well, until you don’t….

Shit happens, people change, and as much as it might seem so sudden that you feel betrayed, situations often bring out both the best and worst of us.

And the worst part is that we’re supposed to be okay with all that….I meaning losing someone you love, or who you simply cared about, like it’s something we can anticipate and not feel bad about it coz we already knew how it…

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