from death to life

I forgot, they were always there… Unwaveringly, unhesitatingly, in my ups and downs. The people I ignored for my selfishness.

Like a shadow, part of me… Can only be seen when in light. Darkness can make you blind of things, it’s pride of arrogant.

For last nine YEARS, I gave my all to people who gave me nothing but selfishness. I was living a dream, a selfish dream. I was not me all this time, my thoughts about life, freedom, togetherness, love, sacrifice, hate, rage and all the emotions that we can emote…were distorted in a way I couldn’t realise the importance of people giving me time, to be specific a part of their lives. Loving me more than life. All I was doing, giving my time to someone else unapologetically. Deja vu…

Regret is a friend of past…

I am back again with my grace… Those little things I did. Giving someone a free ride…helping someone with my eyes. A smile on me face, with no regret. Just doing what is needed. I have lived many lives here, but the one I love the most is when I was not SELFISH…but super selfish. Don’t get offended, super selfish means, I would do anything for someone to make them happy, so that I will be Happy. That selfishness, I had lost in this circle of life.

I realised one thing, once you are attached to something or someone, you are dead even if you are living.

I died and lived in this life over and over again. I shall make it simple, like that last day.

Disclaimer: All the definitions of words used here are inclusive and are in disagreement with the word’s natural use. I talk too much. ūüėÖ

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