Doing Nothing

I’m doing nothing, that’s what the wife says when she sees me staring out our window.

Maeve does not realise I am actually very active in my head

Waste of time, that writing, she has been heard to say on many an occasion

Maeve questions why I don’t have hobbies, or why I don’t empty the rubbish when she asks me first time.

I’m busy I tell her, she just stares at me wondering how I can claim to be active while sitting in a chair staring out the window, but I am.

I write in my head then type it up later, sometimes after Maeve has gone to bed

Taking a break last night, I went to the local pub, I don’t go there very often, no one knew me

They were all sitting at tables and up at the bar, chatting in groups, calling out to each other, ordering pints of Guinness.

Two men at the bar were discussing football, another man was boasting about a win on the horses.

I found a corner, sat over my pint, wondering what it might be like if I was part of their world.

Finishing my drink I left the pub. I could not wait to be among friends.

I may create a new friend tonight.

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