Unsolicited life

What is it that I am striving for
A life entangled in with relations
of which I can’t do anything about
Afterall they are relations
Between beings
What best can I do
With the time I have
Depends on someone
Maybe independent
There is a task in my hands
it seems
A simple affair it is
To choose
To be lost
No in betweens
But’s or ifs
No conditions
To be looked after
When your expectations
Rise to the level of
Seldom to my surprise
Like the planets
I am caught up
In the longing to be with someone
Everything I do had a biased view about this life
I gave too much importance to my physicality than
the part of me that makes me, ME
And here I struggle
With step comes another
Balance of life seems
But not to my conscience
So I search
Read some stuff
Try to find myself
In the books and papers
Lived lives of others
Played by the rules
Learnt something
Even an animal can do
So here I am with all the compulsiveness
Not bothered about the end
Giving my all to the process
Waiting for nothing
Good or bad
Here I take charge
I am another life…

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