It’s A New Year And We Could Be Strangers, again…


So, I’ve been thinking about how people grow apart and how we easily forget each other. Especially in times like this: new year. But then it’s not our fault. Coz life kinda spreads us thin and responsibilities get thrown on our feet and we’re forced to pick them up, caress them and tend to them.

I get it. It’s life. But that doesn’t mean I accept it. In fact, I resent it. I feel like every bad thing which we have to accept it as part of life just drains us more.
I’m still young and fragile, and I know it says so much about me being naive and taken aback by fancy whims of this world, but let’s face it, it sucks. Old or young, wise or dumb, it still sucks…

I mean this thing with age, and life.

I’m at a point where with age and mind…

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