Battle : Me vs Me

What are you doing?

You are doing it wrong .
No, I am not, everything is fine.

No, it’s not. You are doing everything wrong. Look at yourself

Stop what? Stop yourself from constantly making mistakes. Can’t you see? Everyone thinks you are the worst, you are useless, you are not worth it
Stop it.

You should be the one stopping. Stop wasting your time with useless things .Stop talking so much because no one cares. You are annoying. SEE? You are just a disappointment to everyone. No one likes you.
No, that’s not true. Stop.

But can’t you see? You are losing people around you. When was the last time you made someone happy . Look at ur family. You are just a burden for them. You are so egoistic .

No no no

You think you are a good person if u try to help everyone, but honestly you are not even trying. You only think you are the only one in pain. What are u even ?
I don’t know.

7 thoughts on “Battle : Me vs Me

  1. srilahari72 Dec 7, 2019 — 22:39

    Children are never burden to their parents. They are there only to hold their hands and make them walk in the right path.


  2. srilahari72 Dec 7, 2019 — 22:42

    To lift them up when they fall and feel happy when they their child succeed


  3. love this

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  4. check out my posts for similar things 🙂

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  5. Self-realization is more important than self-sympathy.


  6. anovicescribe Dec 20, 2019 — 21:35

    Fighting is good. I like such conversations. I have struggled with the same thing and I have found my answer. I know you will find one. 😁

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