Broken Man

Here I am again
alone with my thoughts,
it’s that time
of day that leaves
me distraught.
Thinking about how useless
I’ve become,
makes me drink
enough to feel numb.
Once I was confident
and self assured
but now I find
life something that has
to be endured.
Now people
avoid me if they can,
they don’t want to
listen to the tales
of a broken man.

grayscale photography of man sitting on wheelchair
Photo by alexandre saraiva carniato on

3 thoughts on “Broken Man

  1. Well this breaks my heart. This man could be a veteran. This man could be a survivor of cancer. There’s a million could be’s… but here he sits, down and out … lot in his lies… as so many men do.

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  2. A broken man is just the beginning of a new man.

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  3. Ohh that’s a heart felt post

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