Hope and a Prayer

I gave up praying

a long time ago,

now I just hope.

My prayers

were never answered

not even by the Pope.

Now when I hope

for things

I am not disappointed

when they fall through.

I’ve learned to accept

that there is no one

watching out for you.

Praying may work

for others and I have

no problem with that.

They might find solace

in kissing the ring

of a man

who wears a silly hat.

But if there is a God,

why are we killing

each other in his name,

what enjoyment does he get

and why are we all

not treated the same.

Deep down

I hope there is

a better life then this,

where we will be reunited

with the loved ones

we have lost.

That might make

some sense out of this life,

I just hope that

it will be worth the cost.

grayscale photography of people worshiping
Photo by Luis Quintero on Pexels.com


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