Now that I’m getting older

must I wear some type of uniform,

some sensible shoes and clothes

to make sure I  conform.

Must I throw away my old t-shirts

and the jeans with the holes

and replace them with something

acceptable for my new role.

Beige seems to be the

popular colour for my generation,

but I can only assume

that it is down to desperation

to try and act their age

and exhibit a sense of maturity

in order to guarantee

themselves job security.

Old before their time

and living their lives off a script

their heads lowered

as they remain tight lipped.

I don’t want to live my life

to those expectations,

you have only one chance

to partake in life’s celebrations.

I am not going to waste it

by becoming a slave

and only realise all I’ve missed

when I am ready for the grave.

man in black crew neck shirt and blue distressed jeans wearing eyeglasses
Photo by Tan Danh on


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