The Painting

Studying the painting

that is on the wall,

hanging precariously,

I’m afraid it might fall.

Dust lies caked on

the top of the frame

while a smudge on

the canvas obscures

the artist’s name.

It has hung untouched

for a very long time

there is no one alive

who remembers it in its prime.

The painting captures

the sad face of

a beautiful woman,

I wonder was she

in love with the artist

but bestowed

to another man.

Or could it be

his mother as he

imagined her

long after she had died

when her memory

was just a blur.

The truth will forever

remain a mystery,

like the artist’s name

it has been consigned to history.

photo of cactus in front of a woman s portrait painting
Photo by Leticia Ribeiro on


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