Is growing old,a count down or count up ?

Growing old
Don’t regret growing old.It’s a privilege denied to many !

Is it not a fact that we dread getting old ?

Why people in general have a defeatist attitude towards aging process ?

Is it not a bias against aged people ?

How is the way you want to be addressed as you are growing old ?

Elderly person,senior citizen,oldy,senile or old-timer,learned man/woman ?

General feeling is aged people lose their capacity to discharge their responsibilities,resulting in majority going into depression.

And ‘forgetfulness’ is blamed because of aging.

Old age said to be the seat of illness,reduced reflexes,loss of memory etc.I do agree.But all is not lost.

To all the senior citizens in the world, hey,stop sulking and remember the saying of Robert Browning, ” Grow old with me ,the best is yet to be “

When does old age begin ?

Old age is said to start after 45.

Scientists define any age after 60.

Researchers have discovered many advantages of aging.

And how do you summarize aging process in a positive way ?

On a humorous note

” The best thing about growing older is that one is not yet dead !”

1.Knowledge and maturity of old people is extremely beneficial.

2.Wisdom of aged people at its best, and all the times.No surprise the proverb ‘ Old is Gold’ is popular.

3.Old people don’t care what others think about them and can take independent decisions.

4. Lack of stress since bringing up the family is a finished chapter.No worries.

5.Spending time with Grand children.

6.Ability to spend more time with loved ones.

7. Old people rarely make foolish mistakes.

8. Old people are better connected and this is helpful in times of distress.

9. Senior citizen benefits,priorities at airport etc.

10.No taking craps from the idiots.

11. You have nothing to lose.

12. Emotional maturity at its best.

“Youth is a gift of nature,but age is a work of art ” Stanislaw Jerzy Lec

“wrinkles mean you laughed,Grey hair means you cared,and scars mean you lived” unknown

Wishing senior citizens a wonderful time.

Dear readers feel free to write about your thoughts on old age and the advantages it can bring to the society.

Thank you.
Philosophy Through Photography

5 thoughts on “Is growing old,a count down or count up ?

  1. The well known phase they are in their prime comes to mind but at 77 I’m safely beyond my prime but the good news is I no longer have to impress anyone and I can wait to quietly slip away. The world (everything that isn’t me ) can carry on very well minus my input and I’m not smart enough to carve my initials with a mind boggling novel or a piece of unforgettable music. For a season or two I will be among the remembered dead and then among the forgotten dead.
    My favourite walks are among gravestones and read the readable inscriptions . These are the ordinary folk like me and as such link me to mankind in general.
    ‘ The paths of glory lead but to the grave ‘.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Wow wow !
      Beautifully articulated,enjoyed thoroughly reading.
      And your conclusion quote ‘ the paths of glory lead but to the grave ‘ summarises in one sentence.
      Thank you Flawedman for your brilliant analysis.


  2. I loved the thoughts you penned.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Thank you My expressionof thoughts log.Appreciate.

      Liked by 1 person

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