I know I have to

go outside today,

things need to be done

and there is no other way.

The thought of a

human interaction

has my head spinning

and driven to distraction.

How do I explain

that I am not that

person anymore

and now I find it hard

to step outside my door.

Where once I never

had a worry,

I now find myself

always in a hurry.

Leaving home is planned

like a military operation

with the aim of

avoiding any altercation.

My route and time

are chosen carefully

to make sure I don’t

do anything unnecessary

like having to queue in

the shop or post office,

something that makes

me feel nauseous.

I know I cannot

go on this way

but that will have to be

a worry for another day.

photo of buildings during daytime
Photo by Adrien Olichon on Pexels.com


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