Nothing for free is much valued, not even advice

I get how much you want to help them, teach them, stop them from falling in the pit they are putting themselves in because you think they are inviting trouble or you can foresee where this will lead
But can you really save someone who does not want to be saved?
Someone who wants to really take a shot and risk it all?
Someone who is the master of his/ her life
No matter how much you want to save them you can’t
So rather stand by their side in the decisions they take even if you disagree with them
because they are always 2 possibilities even if one is just 0.000001 probable
1. the risk paying off
2. the person failing
So just stay there, they will learn with time, just the way you did but that day isn’t today so they wouldn’t understand you
Apart from this, you could be wrong too so maybe it’s better to let everyone explore and find their own lessons.

“Time teaches you what you refuse to learn from your well-wishers”
-Chitra Divakaruni

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