Why do You

Why do you need

social media to be liked?

Why do you feel it

important to tell people

how far you have hiked?

Why do you have to

share what you plan to cook?

Why do you never

take time to read a book?

Why do you think others

care what you have to say?

Why do you want me

to know what sports you play?

Why do you upset others

and put them down?

Why do you treat someone

you disagree with as a clown?

Why do you not stop

and think about what you’re doing?

Why do you not realise

it’s only you that your fooling?

photo of laptop near plant
Photo by Tobias Dziuba on Pexels.com


4 thoughts on “Why do You

  1. My only Social media if u want to call it that, is my Blogging . I rarely go to facebook and even less on Twitter. My family is unfortunately on Facebook a lot. I rarely check their post. I miss out a lot but phone. Is my thing since they live in another state. I miss out also all the videos. I go everyday 2 times to post on my Jesus group for that I opened 6 years ago for my Facebook “friends ” I have no time anyway. Lol


  2. I occasionally check my families post


  3. Social media is nothing but show off. I’m glad I’m distancing myself from Facebook and Twitter as much as I can and I realize no one really bothers to check up on me and that’s the real face of SM!


  4. I blog to leave a legacy for my granddaughters. It doesn’t matter to me if I am liked or not. Well, it might matter to those who like me and heed any of my health or spiritual advice, but as I write of so much, that is their choice. I let go of the outcome. ❤️🦋🌀

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