Too Late

What will I do when

I know I’m going to die

will I drop to my knees

and call out to the sky?

Will I beg for forgiveness

for all the wrong I have done

in the hope I may be reunited

with my loved ones?

Or will I be calm

and accept my fate

understanding that any

repentance will be too late.

When it comes to that time

we are all the same

it will all depend on how

we played life’s game.

All the money that

you have made

will count for nothing

because death doesn’t trade.

Rich man or poor man

it will not matter

when it comes the time

for our ashes to scatter.

white tealight candles lit during nighttime
Photo by Zac Frith on


1 thought on “Too Late

  1. This is so powerful. Brilliantly written.


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