His sight sent a shiver down her spine and almost blinded her, she wanted to look away but she couldn’t, it was mesmerising and she felt herself get dragged into the beauty of that moment.

Still stuck in her stumbling memories she found herself stifling a sorrowful scream that would shatter the ears of the strongest souls.

She found herself walking to a place she called hell on earth, a place she could never be herself because she was trapped and her heart hurt, hurt so bad. Lost in her thoughts, striding with a confident persona to hide how she truly felt, how her soul had turned a vibrant black – all the hope sucked out by the world from strangers to those dear to her.

Still spiralling out of control – flickering through embarrassing moments in her entire years of existence she never expected to stumble into a memory that was painfully perfect, with the main star featuring with his pitch-black hair and eyes like an endless abyss that turned her life topsy turvy.

Jet black met jet black and they both flashed with recognition , she felt her life fall apart and fix itself in that exact moment.

A sigh left her mouth, realising she had to leave. Her footsteps filled the deafening silence, leaving her safe haven she entered the real world once again.

(Everything happened in just 5 seconds)

1 thought on “Retrouvaille

  1. Memory lane of mine..❤ Sep 20, 2019 — 17:40

    Hi Harshinee. You are such a star. I am from madurai,Tamilnadu too.. Overlooked love was awesome. You are the inspiration that I am gonna write my story too. and how to join in scribblers arena. Please help me to join. For any details.. Please contact me.Thanks..waiting for your reply


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