The Devil

An idle mind

is the devils workshop

your laziness

serves as his best prop.

He makes

his plans with such ease

that it is too late

for you to shout cease.

An active mind

can keep him at bay,

it can control

what he has to say.

His plans

are not of any use

when you are

the one who can choose.

Your mind is

your strongest tool

but at times

it can make you look a fool.

To struggle

with it is not a crime

as long as you tell

the devil he’s wasting his time.

man in black hoodie holding fire
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6 thoughts on “The Devil

  1. Occasionally I allow the darkness to sit with me so that I may disable the demons greed and their quest to destroy my sanity.
    Love your writing xoxo

    Liked by 1 person

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