Life’s Cards

I understand that nothing

can last forever,

but that doesn’t seem true

with some of the feelings

we have to endeavour.

Living our lives with

a constant ache in our hearts

after someone

we love suddenly departs.

Shock gives way to

a sense of disbelief

as we attempt

to come to terms with

how to deal with our grief.

Our lives changed;

we try to pick up the pieces

as our zest for life

steadily decreases.

No longer interested in

what tomorrow may bring,

any future plans

have a hollow ring.

Time, they say

is the great healer

but if life was a card game,

I’d want a new dealer.

ace bet business card
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2 thoughts on “Life’s Cards

  1. Sometimes I feel like I want a new dealer too.

    I really love your poetry. It always seems to resonate with me.

    Liked by 1 person

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