Day after Day

Hiding in a house

so no one can see,

escape route worked out

in case you have to flee.

Afraid to communicate

with anyone else,

there’s no where left to go

where you can be yourself.

Left to your own devices

you always fall down

just like if you were at sea

you would surely drown.

No belief to try

and make a change

and go out into the world

without feeling strange.

Living this life in the

knowledge it’s for keeps

as the days pass slowly

and the night-time creeps.

Day after day in

this sorry existence

takes a hell of a lot of

will power and persistence

close up photography of hand near window
Photo by Renato Mu on


2 thoughts on “Day after Day

  1. I Will try to reblog this later, Thank you you do write well.

    Liked by 1 person

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