How to waste a year and start winning right after it.

Getting off track is easy; Partying is easy; Grabbing petty fake happiness is easy and yeah Wasting a year with them is damn easy. Everything that doesn’t matter is very easy actually. This is what the last year after I stopped writing taught me.

What really happened in this last 370 days? This one year, I tried living with doing easy things because like everyone I started believing “ Life has to be lived easily, as it is short”. Yeah, it was that way until yesterday night.

I’m Dev, a Photographer ( Photojournalist accurately), and a Writer. Dreamed to be. Worked hard too. But life took a turn; A very hard turn indeed. I wanted to enjoy life as my heart started believing its too much of efforts that I put for Photography and Writing, but I got a very minimal appreciation or rewards. As every artist out there, I craved for coupling the hands of every soul out there that views my creation, to produce that music of claps.

So I gave up everything. No photography, no writings. Just me and my fake perception of the belief that I’m happy doing easy things. I partied a lot, a lot of time on Instagram and Facebook, roamed around the city a lot, fake friendships to laugh and pass time and bang ! One year is gone.

Yesterday night, Sleeping as sound as a baby, with drained eyes, after wasting the entire day on Social media. I woke up . I woke up because of a dream that told me my dream . It’s all confusing like the INCEPTION movie , I know . But believe me , that dream told my dream .

I was sitting on the edge of the mountains while a ravishing river flows aside , witnessing the marvelous beauty of mother nature and my eyes fixed on a big bird . My shoulders gets touched by someone , and they handle me my camera saying

” I know you want to take the picture of that bird trying to dive from top of the mountain and slide its legs on the surface of water not to get prey , but just to live its life . It’s not easy for that bird too , no other animal see it or appreciate it . It just does the hard because it has wings while other animals lack it and that’s what makes it a bird that lives it life to the fullest “

I woke up the next moment and the time was 2.30 a.m. I couldn’t sleep but think about how stupid I was for the last one year . I turned on my lights , charged my camera but still couldn’t sleep until morning . So I geared up , I was ready again and went out of home at the sunrise and oh man ! that feeling of holding your passion right in your hand and knowing you gonna execute it and love your art before anyone else does is simply awesome .

I was taught and I learned . It’s not about the results or the rewards or the appreciations in the journey of our life , it’s about doing your passion in spite of everything , because it lights your soul in fire that warmth your life. That makes you who you are.

If you are reading this , you can see I started writing again . I’m winning right now while doing it. I’m gonna live my dream and my passion because that’s what makes who Dev is. Signing off for now , But hey ! you will be hearing from me often . Either my Shutter sound or my keyboard’s Pounds .

Now Go , Live your Passion ! Win your Life ! Light Your Soul !

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1 thought on “How to waste a year and start winning right after it.

  1. WordPress just chose to show me this.. serendipity because I can empathise utterly!


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