Searching for a Cure

I talk to someone

every week

in search of a cure.

She sits opposite me

with the intention

to reassure.

She thinks she

understands because

she has read

a lot of books,

but I have too

and can see

beyond her pious looks.

A life’s experience

is worth more

than any theory,

no one is the same

and we all arrive

with a different story.

Platitudes are

not the answer

when you are

feeling down

while empathy

is important

but best offered

without a frown.

Someday I might

find what it is

I’m looking for

and who knows

it might be today

on the other side

of this door.

first aid case on wall
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2 thoughts on “Searching for a Cure

  1. “Platitudes are
    not the answer
    when you are
    feelin down”

    Preach! I’ve always found platitudes trite and useless.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Memory lane of mine..❤ Aug 31, 2019 — 16:27

    Liked by 1 person

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