Summer of Renewal

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It has been a while since my last post. I decided to spend the summer relaxing and bonding with my daughter and husband. I wanted to find out who I really was.

Last school year was the toughest teaching year I have ever encountered. I found myself in full on survival mode every day. I would wake up to feed my daughter before I got myself ready for the day. It became a marathon just to leave the house every day. The school day was filled with so many ups and down that I would leave there drained both physically and emotionally. Not to mention I had to pump on my lunch so I would have milk for my daughter. I would then arrive home to a very hungry little girl. She would cluster feed from the moment I walked through the door until she went to bed. In between would be dinner, taking care of our dogs, and night time routines. I felt like I was living in my own Groundhog Day. Every day was the same, no breaks or change-ups.

The older my daughter got, the harder and more exhausting everyday became. By the end of the year, I had had it and was welcoming summer with open arms. One of the silver linings was the passing rate of my students on their state biology test. I had a 97% passing rate. My students performed phenomenally, and it just showed that all the hard work we all put in was worth it.

Our first summer trip was a weekend in June in Austin. It was a work trip for my husband but a bonding trip for my daughter and me. The two of us spent the entire time revisiting my favorite areas of Austin while discovering new ones. The Hill Country in Texas is my favorite place in the world. My husband and I were married there in 2017 among the blue bonnets and spent a romantic evening hiking up Enchanted Rock in 2015. It was on that hike that I realized without a shred of doubt that he was the man I was going to marry. This summer was our first time bringing our daughter and I just enjoyed exploring the city and surrounding area. As we were touring The Wildflower Center, I found myself becoming relaxed and just enjoying the moment. I was seeing my daughter in a whole new light. Here she was at 13 months, walking around and just taking in every moment.

It was in this moment that I remembered how I felt that day on Enchanted Rock, dancing under the pecan trees in the Texas rain, and standing in a field of wildflowers staring at the man I just married. I was always in the moment with the most important person in my life: my husband and now my daughter. The stresses of everyday life are not important. My job does not define me, and it never will.

I recently started a new job at a new district. With it comes a lot more responsibilities and expectations. I am working hard to live every day in the moment. Experience the joy through my daughter and the love I have for my husband. The grades and lesson plans can wait. My daughter won’t. She is going to keep growing and become this amazing little girl. I am never going to make these memories again with her.

2 thoughts on “Summer of Renewal

  1. Beautiful child and story, TY


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