In Plain Sight

I was living in a world

where I was fooling myself

believing everything was

grand including life itself.

Then reality came along

to make me look again

to show an unwanted answer

that was causing pain.

If left to my own devices

I might have managed

but there was too many

others that I had damaged.

Unable to honour

all my responsibilities,

I realised I had become

their biggest liability.

Holding them back and

stemming their flow,

preventing them from

going where they needed to go.

I let them off their leash

which I had held tight

and now they can see that

their future is in plain sight.

photo of person walking on unpaved pathway
Photo by Tom and Sini on


5 thoughts on “In Plain Sight

  1. Very nice I repost from phone

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  2. Memory lane of mine..❤ Aug 25, 2019 — 10:53

    Please follow me and support🤗


  3. dessertflower5 Aug 26, 2019 — 16:41

    Clever use of the rhyming pattern. Great concept with a good writer
    Keep blogging

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      1. dessertflower5 Aug 26, 2019 — 17:15

        My pleasure

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