In the end we’re all just fragile bodies- filled with ego and pride.

action-adult-back-1390216.jpg A story told from a very dark place

There is so much I’ve come face to face with in the realities of life (especially about us; humans) during my time in the hospital.

I can’t say I wasn’t aware of this revelation exactly, but seeing sick people really did a number on me, and it really made me question humanity at the very deepest level.

Life as we know it, out there, can be so appealing, but in here, in the hospital, it’s all suffering and anguish. It’s all about how the body loses it’s strength and the eyes lose their color while the soul seems to be sucked out.
It’s like there’s a dark cloud hovering on the hospital’s roof. You can feel it’s presence, you can see it in the patient’s eyes.

It’s just vulnerability. Pain. And suffering. And a little bit of hope- which is always far…

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