Lost Soul

Look into my eyes

and then decide

whether it was the truth,

or had I lied.

Tell me exactly

what you want to hear

and I’ll do my best

not to waste your tears.

Look at my life

and see have you a role

whether there’s a chance

I am not a lost soul

Tell me what

I have done wrong

and I’ll write you an apology

in a song.

Look to the future

and forget about the past,

whether or not

together we can last.

Tell me your dreams

so they may come true

and I ‘ll show you

that I can start anew.

portrait photo of beautiful woman with her hand on her cheek
Photo by Lucas Lima on Pexels.com



1 thought on “Lost Soul

  1. Each of us is capable of starting anew- with the resolve to keep on improving. The lady in the stock photo would, of course, make it easier to do.

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