My love

Sometimes no matter what you do or feel, things are not going to happen your way. So you have to take decision.

I have always been a kind of person, I always move on… No stopping. No matter what just hold your head up and March ahead.

And this poem is about moving on…

I need to confess now
to let it go
this pain I am having
Has started to crawl
Under my skin..
It resides
Like a dream I am dreaming
I am all alone….
And I am screaming
“Taste me oh sweetheart
Love me my darling
Waste me oh angel
Don’t leave me I am drowning”

I need this depression now,
to let me go…
All the things I loathe,
they are starting to grow
In this time
It resides
Everything I am doing is crashing
I am all alone…
And I am screaming
“Breath me Oh sweetheart
Don’t breath me out,
Live me Oh angel and
Love me loving you”

I need me now
to let you go…
All the things I feel about you
Are starting to mourn
In my pain
You reside
Like a fairy tale you were
Now I am all alone
And I am screaming
“Will you be mine
this one last time
I want you; to let you go
like I helped you so”

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