I just wanna burn like a Phoenix

adrian-dascal-_wl8nVzsGB8-unsplash I want to stare at strange faces and new buildings and know that I don’t owe it to anyone to prove anything about myself.

I’ve been wanting to just go to some random town where nobody knows me and start a new chapter there. I know it sounds like the perfect dream of a naive young man who thinks that’s the only way to finally be ‘free‘.

But still…isn’t that everyone’s dream? To just leave everything weighing you behind and start afresh…

And maybe I’m not being entirely clear…craving this kind of “freedom” comes out of anger and disappointment.
We’d wanna let go completely and go far away into different grounds and craft ourselves brick by brick once more- but, of course, with so much “awareness” and “control”, so we say.

Sure, I could leave right now and head for a small town or a big city, and…

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