Love, Oh yeah – That thing

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I’m shaking like an earthquake,

This heart’s ready to explode.

My whole body is aching,

My confidence erodes


My problem with love,

When there’s a risk to be taken.

I’d oft prefer my dreams,

Except, I’m still afraid I’ll waken.


So, instead I jump start,

The aching of this lonely heart.


Sweet smiles make my heart melt,

And weak knees,

Leave me,

 Beyond help.


The more I feel,

The less I say.

So afraid of your rejection,

I just let it slip away.


Is this why I choose to be alone?

To avoid a gentle torture,

Which cracks my bones?

I’d rather not drop my guard


I always knew this dating stuff was hard


What’s happened with my withered trust?

 Will I be destined to swap,

Great love, for lust?

My heart can’t take another flop,

From atop this heartbreak mountaintop



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