Looking Down From High Above

This is for all of you out there who have lost someone special.
May you find your peace.

Blog of the Wolf Boy

I’ve been watching you through all life’s stages

I’ve been away for a long while now

It feels like ages

I can hear your thoughts and words,

As I share my freedom

with the birds

And the breeze.

The lands and the seas.

I feel your heart and my hand rests

Forever on your shoulder.

I hope you know that

Because I want to see you warmer,

Not colder.


I know you didn’t want to lose me,


I didn’t want to lose you too.

If I could stay with you forever,

I’d still be there, it’s true.

So, you could feel my touch

And I’d reassure you of the love

That I feel for you, so much.


I’m forever proud of you.


I want you to remember the journey,

Long before my exit on that gurney.

A life full of laughter needn’t be scarred,


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33 thoughts on “Looking Down From High Above

  1. It is a beautiful sight and sensation to see the doting love a father has for his child/ren.

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    1. Thank you. My daughter is loved. I didn’t really write this one for her though. I kind of wrote it for everyone. A few people in particular, who are close to me, who’ve suffered losses.

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      1. Using the universal voice to express the true essence of the emotional experience. One that can only be expressed so poignantly when one has tapped into a personal well of personal experience as inspiration. When the voice of one speaks for the many, and the many voices can be found in the world/one.

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      2. Wow… That just blew me away. Did you just come up with that right now? I need to write that down.

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      3. Yeah. Technically I wrote it what like… under an hour ago? It was my first time articulating the thought into a sentence, but not the first time I had toyed with the concept.

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      4. It would make for a great blog post 😉 *nudge nudge*


      5. Hahaha indeed it would. Now, what are you requesting of me to write? I’m open. I do run on requests, legit I don’t do anything unless it has been asked/said. Uuugh.

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      6. I’m just saying if you don’t do it, I’ll be sharing that wisdom with the world myself hahah. :p

        The one voice that speaks for the many. I like that line.

        I’ll be sure to check out more of your works. I’ve only taken a quick glance. 🙂

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      7. Aaaahhh. I see. Well then I’ll make sure to post it on my cult page. I do take screenshots of my comments for I’ve been burned like that before. I ended up turning it into a mega spectacle spectacular that the guy took a break from blogging for a while. LOL

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      8. Hahah, I don’t mean that I would steal your work. I just thought it was kind of poetic the way you put it and the world might appreciate an expanded entry on that thought. :p

        I’ll try not to cross you.


      9. Haha, just by talking to me, and from writing such beautiful and HONEST words and poetry… omg, you have already done more than enough to secure your own seat at my hall of whatever. I remember you wrote a poem about abuse and I couldn’t comment on it for some reason, it kept bouncing. I posted it to one of my blogs later that day instead.
        And hey, thanks for your words of encouragement and positivity.

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      10. Yeah, I did. It was received with very mixed and polarized feelings. It’s still on my personal blog. I toned down some of the language on the abusive side so that I didn’t lose all my followers. I also added a response by the victim to try to counter some people’s ill feelings :p

        Oh people. They’re so opinionated about works of art.

        I’d love to see what you posted about it.


      11. did you lose followers because of it? I understand the polarizing effect on people, I tend to do that and I have no idea when/how/what because it is how my words/actions tend to be… double speak/ambiguous all the time. I didn’t realise that, but…? Far out brussell sprout. I dunno.
        Anyway, if you have pingbacks activated, you should be able to find the link to the thing I wrote.

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      12. Thanks 😉 I’ve deleted that abuse post from Scribbler’s quite a while ago. So probably can’t locate it through there anymore, but that’s fine. I’m just glad it touched you enough to write about it.


      13. https://cultofkim.wordpress.com/2019/07/26/upon-faux-threat-of-a-mathew-nouveau/ you are a dork, I linked it to your blog. there’s a link in this post to the post in question. lol

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      14. Oh yeah, I’ve just seen that one. I meant the post you did about the Abuse poem I had shared. 🙂
        And yes I am a dork, thanks for noticing.

        Learn to pronounce
        noun: dork; plural noun: dorks
        a contemptible, socially inept person.
        a man’s penis.

        But am I socially inept or a man’s penis? I haven’t decided yet.


      15. https://cultofkim.wordpress.com/2019/07/22/proof-is-in-the-noting/ I linked it in the post I sent you. “four days ago” lol.
        And I am aware of the alternative meanings. When any of us take a stand, we become erect. Having a spine at all automatically makes one a dick. ALSO! Any and every hole is a vagina or anus or mouth to fill. All the sex jokes. I actually had heaps of stuff like this written. remind me to put them back up

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      16. Lmao. You’re the best. ❤ "When any of us take a stand, we become erect". Fucking hell. I really want to be your friend :p. I sense endless bounds of inspiration in your words, which could in-turn bring out more raw poetry in me and other not-thought of life lessons.

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      17. Hahaha, sure thingy sonny jim-Matty. It’s nice to have friends. Far too many people are so easily offended, they so quickly turn up their noses and fail to see the intention behind the expression. The reason the words were spoken and formed in the first place. We speak and share our stories and selves with others not just for narcissistic “omg I’m so awesome, look at all this carefully constructed perfection I have carved of myself for you to see”… but rather
        B1: “look at the hardship and pain this has caused me to create beauty in something else, someone else.”
        B2: “omg how’d you do that?!”
        B1: “oh, well, if you really want to know? I did ,slkv;ahsdsv msmakka blah blah whatever explanation”
        B2: “wow, you are so wise. let us teach other people of the thingy. are you thinking what I’m thinking B1?”
        B1: “I think I am B2 – its spread the word of idolatry!”
        and we all have idols, or idylls, or idle… diddling i-d-le… isms. I dunno. I do this alot. Talk in circles because I am all tangents. Thats how I form circles and end up leaving myself out.

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      18. I don’t know if you were referencing Bananas in Pyjamas but that’s totally what you made me think of. Would you be open to exchanging emails?


      19. I did use them as a reference point for 2 people in conversation, also phallic shaped, also minds in sync, also mushy and easily bruise.
        I am a banana, if my body was to be compared to a fruit to describe its proportions and shape.

        And I’m down for emails. just fill out the contact form thingy on my blog and I’ll get it.

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      20. You’re such an anomaly lmao. I do love it. You giant phallic shaped person.


      21. Guess what, last year I wrote about setting myself on fire because I don’t like to complain, (insert meme of dog in bar on fire, “this is fine”) but also because it attracts attention to my fortress of safety. I unzipped my human suit and FHWOOSH insert picture of burning barrel of flames, i am a pillar of light and fire. But totally an upgrade from the biblical times because I atleast have a great sense of direction.

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      22. Let us further our discussion via email!

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      23. So you have written, and so it is done.

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      24. And thanks. I dunno what you’ll find on my blog interesting though. I periodically go through “self representation identity crises” and freak out by ripping everything down and out. I’ve currently got some biblical revelations stuff up if that tickles your fancy. If not, stay tuned, I’m sure I’ll produce something that might sooner or later. Not sure how long I will be able to sustain that form, for I’m always shadow-shifting.

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      25. I’m not a religious person myself, so bible verses don’t do much for me. I also tend to delete works of my past. Sometimes I spend hours editing old posts that no one may read because I loved them at one point and my writing just wasn’t as good then as it is now.

        I like to evolve my sites identity as well. I don’t see a problem in that.


      26. I’m a philosophical atheist, last year I named myself the antichrist and so all this stuff is just… roll on from that. I’m every character and entity in the bible so why not. If i write so much stuff and people call it wisdom, why not challenge the most popular (and yet fundamentally flawed) holy book of blah-blahs (bible, it totally makes sense now) this side of the western horizon. eh.
        I’m not religious, I couldn’t follow a religion if my life depended upon it for I barely follow what I say as it is let alone anything anyone else tries to tell me. I find it fun to play a heretic.

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      27. Oh boy, we would get along :D. I’m already getting high breathing in your twisted thoughts. I was raised Catholic but bailed shortly after highschool. I’m not fond of anyone or anything that tells me to believe something just because, especially when the source is mainly hypocritical. I try to stay away from topics of religion because I don’t have much nice to say! Some of the most religious people I’ve had in my life were the absolute worst people in my opinion, because they get high off their own bullshit. Then they don’t bother trying that hard to be truly good people because they go to church and donate money to it, so they think they’ve already paved their way to heaven or whatever. Keep on doing your witch thing 😀


      28. Haha, I sure am a wicked WHICH OF THE WYRdPRESStess wooo (spirit fingers, kristen dunst, BRING IT ON!) meta-meta- all the things. they’re just words, and whatevers. I see you have joined the cult of kim paddy-wagon. Very cool. You are now a kimion. I bless thee with bubbles and bunnies. From this day/night you have been reborn again and from the ashes you were refined into this newly annealed form of… kiMathew! Accountant, 1st Cousin of this made up maitreya’s messianic maniacal academy army. Hoo-rah, salutes and stuff. Prayer hands, and ceremonial bow.

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      29. I’m prepared to serve you, my grace. It is truly an honor.


  2. That’s beautiful! I relate to having lost someone.

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    1. I know 🤗. So have I and I know a bunch of people affected by those same feelings of longing and wishing they could just talk with them once more..

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