What is Hope?

Hopeless being..

What is hope?

What is life without hope?

Hope is that moment when you are at your lowest,

But you still got a feeling that there is a light you haven’t found yet.

It is that switch you have no idea where it is to turn the light on when you’re at your darkest.

Like walking on a shore of an endless ocean,

Visibility is limited,

Limited in your eye,

From your point of view,

But you still want to know what is beyond that horizon.

What is beneath that surface you see,

What is beyond your limited vision,

What is beyond that curved shore.

And you keep walking

To find that the shore didn’t end at that curve you saw when you started walking on it,

And that ocean doesn’t end where your eyes thought it does.

Hope is that land beyond that endless ocean in your eyes.

Hope is that bright sun lighting the surface of the ocean.

It is that continuous shore of ins and outs,

But when you are at your lowest,

You are in the deepest points of the ocean in the dark looking deeper in the ocean while its above.

On the curve of the shore searching for its completeness at the opposite side.

Hope isn’t deeper

It isn’t that hard to get to where it wants you to get to.

You just have to try harder following that light in your heart to get to the right path.


look deeper in your heart

Above in the ocean

And follow the shore.

Don’t search for it’s completeness in the ocean.

Its on it’s side.

Its on your side.

Its in you.

Somewhere inside.

by Raed Merhi

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