Until we meet again…

Let us fly away
from here
in our dream
Somewhere there’s only us
Far away from all our fears
Far away where there is no rush
Doing things with our hands
Feeling them touch
Like water flowing on surface
Like gentle winds caress
With every breathe I breath
I feel your essence

Let us fly away
from here
Where there’s sea
a cliff
From where we will see
Every sunset as the birds fly
away with the breeze
towards the horizon
I will pick you up
in my arms
I will take you to where I am
We will play hide and seek
find everything we need

Let us fly away
from here
Where I can watch you
Till my heart is satisfied
Looking in your eyes
I find my life
Watching you smile
I live my time
thousand times
Let us fly away…

I wish I could see you for a while
hold you love
And how I wish you were mine
But I have to go
From where I’ve come
a world where
I live on my own
I hope not to leave you behind
But time flies
I am all alone now
I remember
our goodbye

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