The Diary of a Blogger

bus-dark-effect-2449600I began this blog because I felt that it would be my voice to people who would cluster around this digital fireplace; internet, and listen. 

And there is this fact that I have been trying to exclude myself from (but it swallows me whole): everything we do is either inspired by the simplest truth that we don’t want to be (or feel) alone or the fact that we want to be the only one(to be unique and succeed).

I’ve struggled not to be the guy who seeks attention, or do things so that people can like me or try to compare myself with other people. But let’s just be straight, it’s natural, we can’t just alienate ourselves from this fact.
I mean even though I’m being honest, all I expect from this post is to touch lots of people, and I’ll probably know by looking at my stats or the…

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