She and sea

Walking on the sand
the way it adjusts itself with the pressing feet
A little tickle and comforting
Humid air, fighting the sun rays
Making them warm but not hurting
Salty breeze travelling thousand miles
Just to touch your skin
It smells like freedom to me

As far as eyes can go
Beyond the horizon
I see a cloud touching the earth
Her eyes delighted, excited in awe
I have never seen her like this
Sea’s always make her fly
So I take few steps towards the sea
As she follows me

Hands entwined in one
Bodies making a shadow
Trying to chase which seems in reach
We are already in too deep
a wave slowly rushes pass through me
She involuntarily smiles
Gently feeling the gaps of our skin
Again and again

I feel enthralled by this feeling
She is holding me
Everytime the wave crashes
I am touched by something
Something I can’t understand but live
Like the endless sea it seems
Since eternal time I mean
She is the one I have been living

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