Thinking about time
How it turns
How it runs
Without a trace it differs

Thinking about life
How it endures
How it learns
With time it burns

Thinking about you
How you smiled
How you laughed
Without you I fell apart

Thinking about me
How I grieved
How I dreamed
With you I lived

I was lost for long
Now I have found peace
We should have ended it with one last kiss

I have no regrets
I have memories
Something I cherish

You feel me up with joy
You are my treasure
For that I’d die

Since the moment you are gone
I have you all along
In my subconscious you will live forever

Thought about time
Thought about life
Thought about you
Thought about I

One thing was always there
Now I realise
Happiness, I was searching
All over places and in things
Was residing inside me…

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