This poem I wrote long back. I realised, we go through so many phases and experience life in so many different ways. Sometimes alone, sometimes with someone. But in the end what we feel, has always been inside us. No one can feel that for us. And we were always alone to start with, not in this physical world. But, in the world within.

This post is about how even in our darkest hour, something will always be there to look upto and to guide us, LIFE.

“I am walking alone for awhile
I look back and there’s no one behind
I don’t know where this road leads to
Even so I keep walking
I have had troubles with my mind
I was still fighting on my own
Maybe that is what strength is

To reach somewhere
I know I will reach there
Where everything I dreamt is
I laugh aloud alone
And cherish every moment
I am not afraid of anything anymore
Maybe that is what strength is

I try to whisper to myself
Everyone becomes alone someday
They hold on to memories in their head
I will live to my hearts content
I will fight till the end
Even with this loneliness
I will show no tears”

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