Once wise man said, “Die before you live; so that you can earn living.”

Man in love said, “Die for love, it is eternal; there is no living without love.”

Wandering man whispered to himself, “Live before you die, there is only one life.”

We are just a second of this endless loop of time, still we think we are so significant that we can define it. That our existence is more important than the reality, this universe itself.

Well, open your eyes its time to wake up. For thousands of years we were here, we will be here for thousands more, who will remember you? A handful of people and then they will also become part of the creation.

So at least acknowledge it, like we see mosquitoes or flies, lives to be small. For this existence our lives are like flies or mosquitoes. Just sand of grain in an hourglass.

So you better live it before you die!!!

1 thought on “Preaching.

  1. One of the things I like about this post is that you tell us up front what it is all about. I like it because if the mysterious journey persists for to long then most would probably not read it. Good job. Plus, I just like the idea.


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