my mantra

As the time passes from day on days. I see myself being moving away slowly. Moving away from people I thought, without them I am nothing, people I still care about, people I want to, wanted to spend this life with. But lest, the more I tried the farther away I sit. Alone with all the thoughts and memories. One of these days so I decide, ‘to let go of all my attachments to such people and live this life without restrictions.’

This is the most bitter but a realisation that took me my whole life to realise. Never express yourself, they take advantage. Hold onto things but never people, they would disappoint you. Don’t decisions based on future or past, but present. Family, food, career is more important. True people know what you deserve, they would not let you down. Expectations are mother of pride. Pride is mother of anger. Anger is mother of all the problems.

So I observe, learn, dream but I won’t wait for people or life to guide me, change me, take hold of my time. I will live on to the fullest potential, I won’t stop. Letting go, moving on, learning things, life goes on is my mantra.

I tried to balance this post with positivity and negativity. Have a nice day!!!

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