It always feels good to know your origin; the people that made you who you are. Since you have come so far. Just few lines, about my origin and the people I will always be knowing, the more I know myself.

“I have got..
my looks and nooks
from my mother
She taught me
to be kind and tender
I have my voice
as my father
He taught me
to be tough but gentle
My sisters
give me courage
to wander
To not leave myself
too asunder

My brothers
taught me about Strength
and to be a traveller
through good and bad
like lightening and thunder
in harsh weather
My friends
lead me to where I am
and further
Without self interest
but fervour
My grandma
taught me to never give
up and to do what I can
For there’s tomorrow
to live on
And my grandpa
he was one in millions
He Taught me
to take care of each other
to be hard worker
And respect one another

Everything that I have
I have inherited it from them
These feelings are like flowers
blooming in this garden
and love lingers like scent
And this garden prospers
For the time and
ever after”

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