Mathematics and life

“All the permutations and combinations that we do about our future

A futile attempt to excel
Like Mathematics,
limits are like to define this life
Integration gives you exclusiveness
Divisions have always been easy
But linear is the way we see our life
And past has always been degenerate to us
Adding has always been sweet
But subtractions leave negativity
Multiplication is what we are good at
Breeding, hating, judging, et cetera
Well love doesn’t multiply its the constant
And infinity is constant
Always trying to find the equality
Always trying to match the RHS with LHS
Well, they will one day, someday
be at peace with yourself
Leave them be…

The tangent of life on the circle of existence
Just touching once
And will forever be searching
These lines of symmetry of life
Are parallel to themselves
No geometry or trigonometry will suffice or solve
Until the biology and chemistry of who you are
Takes a step
To find the optimal solution to this algorithm of life
A step towards who you are..
Is a sum you should solve”

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