An encounter

I was just wandering around, observing things and writing things down. How I feel about all the things happening around. How people, including me are in search of something. A something that we know will make us feel something more than something we already are.

I was stuck, just writing things down, sharing them on Instagram. People would read, like and comment adding their something to the something that I wrote and felt. One day, out of nowhere a person from a blog texted me asking, “Would you be interested in joining the blog he or she has and share what I write?” I did not know if the person was he or she. I was at best not interested, I had received invitations before also. I couldn’t care less. I don’t know but I texted after a day, after going through some stuff on the blog that, I would like to join them. So the journey started, sour and sweet journey.

Then we just started talking and I got to know that the person is a she. I don’t know I had this feeling right that moment there. This feeling moved me, just like a breeze that touches you, whispering something you can’t understand but feel.

Right from that moment there, I knew I found that something, someone that everyone is in search of. Ofcourse as a part of life. There are many more things we as humans want or things that move us. But when we find someone that moves us with just a text or make us feel whole again. Not that we are incomplete, we always have some kind of longing. I felt like skies are telling me there is nothing you can’t achieve, trees were dancing with wind and like flowers I had a new rejuvenating aura. I was blissful on my own because of her words.

Now I am at this crossroad, when I look back. So many mistakes, immature decisions that I took, this selfishness that I know won’t change but a smile would gently take over and this encounter would always be one of the best moments of this life.

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