Love or Magic?

“Love isn’t just a feeling; it’s an art. And like any art, it takes not only inspiration but also a lot of work”
-Paulo Coelho 

Nobody said that loving was easy, but do we have a choice?
At times we can’t stop ourselves from falling for people, and once we have fallen for them, the ride isn’t easy, love just happens but to keep it alive it requires work and efforts from both sides, it requires trust, compassion, understanding from both sides.
Don’t let your pride become conceit, just the way there exists a need for you to protect self-love from toxic relationships, there is also a need to protect your love from vanity. There is always a line and anything beyond it is detrimental!
Love is no different, even when it is for oneself!

But what happens when even when you are trying really hard and still things go wrong sometimes, once in a while?
Try reminding yourself of all the good that other person has done for you and don’t let the ephemeral anger destroy things forever!
Don’t say things you don’t mean and would regret later!

“In Love, nothing is destroyed forever”
-Paulo Coelho

Relationships are like a tapestry made with threads of love and care, they tangle but get untangled too!

No matter how much you fight you will always end up forgiving the one you love because you know what they mean to you and how dreadful your life will be without them.
You fight, you make it up and repeat; it’s a never-ending cycle.
But don’t let anyone use this as a tool to exploit you!
Because as I said there is always a line; a line!
Don’t let this make you believe that toxic relationships are normal
Don’t let this make you drag the wagon of relationship alone.
Don’t let the love songs deceive you in mistaking masochism for love

“Those who cannot accept this, and who always try to find an explanation for magical and mysterious human relationships, will miss the best part of life”
-Paulo Coelho

Isn’t it weird how once a person who you have known just for months becomes dearer than the ones you have known all your life?
Isn’t it weird that at times the difference between relationships based on blood and the others have no variance?
Isn’t it weird how a person finds a family in the acquaintances one calls “friends”?
Isn’t it weird how even a new city full of strangers does not seem strange anymore because of some strangers?
Isn’t it weird how loving could make you so beautiful with the glow it adds to your face and behaviour?
Isn’t it weird how loving someone could make you trust yourself even more?
Isn’t it weird how loving someone could make you a better person?
Isn’t it weird how loving someone can change your relations with many in a good way?
Isn’t it weird how loving someone can make you accept your mistakes more against the one you love?

It is not weird, it’s love!
And love is what it is; unconditional
if it wasn’t like that
A child wouldn’t show such reverence for someone he calls parents
A man wouldn’t go to the ends for someone he calls his wife
A woman wouldn’t consider leaving everything for someone she calls her husband
A person wouldn’t fight the world for someone he calls a friend

Isn’t love a realisation of the good things in life?

-Love is in the air
And just like air it has oxygen and pollution!


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