Love is…

Love is as light as feather
Love is as fright as weather
Love is not always together
Love is not forever
Love is not choosing
Love is not refusing
Love is confusing
Love is a feeling
Love is to love
Love is to grow
Love is to know
Love is to show
Love is unheard
Love is stranger
Love is disappearing
Love is dreaming
Love is simple
Love is quite
Love is a rumour
Love is a poet
Love is lightning
Love is rain
Love is storm
Love is pain
Love is laughing
Love is smiling
Love is fighting
Love is crying
Love is dying
Love is a breath
Love is not a race
Love is a picture
Love is to hold her
Love is you
Love is me
Love is us
and all human beings

3 thoughts on “Love is…

  1. So basically, everything around us, including us is love.

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    1. anovicescribe Jul 3, 2019 — 08:49

      People know language of love only, they do crazy things for love so, yes. Maybe if everything is love they won’t harm each other or the planet.

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      1. That’s a nice thought.

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