Collimation to myself

Whether it be a mediocre chivalry
Or be it a perfect fight
In one loss or one win
You mustn’t get carried away
Concentration, persistence and perseverance
Is the key to success
Leaving safety and comfort zone behind
People face hardships everyday
People who need reason to win
And who give excuses for defeat
Are not worthy of dreaming
Just do what your heart says
And purse your dream

The fight in which ordinary get defeated
Won’t defeat you
Stop your cunning
Stop your whining
Enough with tears
Broken people mend things in right way
People would look down
But that’s okay
Learn to let go
Things held for a long time start rusting
Enough talk
Running away won’t do
Don’t get frustrated
Giving up won’t solve anything

It’s time to make up your mind
All plans are always messed up
There is no need to be shocked and surprised
You can be a bit stubborn
Being stupid or cowardly has nothing to do with it
This fight…there’s no way you should forfeit
Who is brave enough to accept their weakness
And stand their ground no matter what
Are the last one to laugh
Till the climax
The one who endures
Through all the troubles
Is the one who knows not defeat

To know what futility is
And never give up
To try even after defeat
Knowing it’s not possible
Maybe that’s what hope is
So don’t stop believing
In your darkest hour
A ray of hope will guide you
As long as you keep fighting,
Win will eventually be yours

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