“I know this is late, but this is FATHERS DAY post. This post is for all the father’s. Arigatou is a Japanese word which means ‘thank you’ in English”

One of the hardest thing I know
In this world full of wonders
Is to be like tree
Standing tall
Facing all the weathers
Harsh winds and heavy rains
Floods and hurricanes
And still be able to stand
For the sake of others
Sheltering them
Whether it be rain or scorching summer
That’s what you are to me
Arigatou, for being
My tree, my shelter,
my support, my mentor

I now realise
How it was for you
Always standing by our side
Comforting us
Teaching us everything
From walking to laughing
From singing to playing
Leaving all your dreams aside
There was time when I let you down
Still you hold me high
and lead my way
All the way

You taught us how to make
Different faces
how to face all the situations
And how to live life
You have always been living for others
Caring for others
Without a thought or another
for yourself
I remember whenever I was ill
You would always seat by my side
Leaving whatever important work you were doing
Sharing all my pain
I wonder where you find so much strength

I don’t remember how many times I have hit you with my hands
Just to check
Was I using it in right way
I don’t remember how many times
I wet your clothes
I do remember though you were always holding my hand
Through all the paths I have walked
I know these few words
are like a drop of water in an ocean
For all the things you are doing

I don’t know how to express
All my feelings
Even though you are just right there
But I will write this poem
And let these words fulfil what I feel
All I ever wanted to do is
Make you smile
make you proud
Though you always insist
On fulfilling my dreams
So I will follow what you want me to do
I will fulfil this dream
That I dreamt for you

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