Toda Village – UNESCO Heritage Site

In India, the farther from the modern world and large cities, the more curious places and strange things.
The contemporaneity of the present world in this country will rather disappoint . Where it is more interesting to look into the past.
The people of the TODA tribe live very isolated, far from nearby cities and other settlements.
They live in small settlements consisting of 3-7 small unusual houses. A distinctive feature of the dwelling is a small entrance door (only 90×90 cm) through which people crawl … So they protect their homes from wild animals.
For them, the buffalo is a sacred animal. Therefore, all the rituals, rituals, traditions and other folklore of this people revolve around this totem. They believe that man has a soul and has a spirit. The soul lives in the physical body of man, and the spirit belongs to the buffalo. Therefore, each person of this tribe has its own buffalo from birth. They claim that their ancestors arrived on Earth from the constellation of the Ox, so their homes always have symbols of buffalo, moon, horns and stars. They also have mystical powers, heal with hands and conspiratorial milk.
Milk is a sacred food. A milkman, the highest rank in society, equated to the status of a priest. Being in this post, the priest lives alone, does not communicate with anyone. If there is a family, he leaves them for the duration of the service. None of the residents are allowed to approach it, let alone touch it.
Another oddity is multifaceted. Marriages are carried out by agreement, the woman herself chooses a husband. After marrying one, she becomes the wife of all the other brothers of her husband. Children in such a family always belong to the eldest brother.
Here is an unusual community. They hide in the south of India, in the Tamil Nadu region. Now their territories are UNESCO heritage sites.

4 thoughts on “Toda Village – UNESCO Heritage Site

  1. sriramkumar1970 Jun 23, 2019 — 19:19

    Good information

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  2. On 1st sight, I thought of a hobbit house…
    Interesting, never heard of the Toda tribe before. Thx.

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