As the driver drives
Finding an inch of a space
Through all the pedestrians and two wheelers
On crowdy Indian lanes
I am sitting on a seat beside window
Watching world pass by
I see steps of temple
and an elderly man standby
Looking in the eyes
of the idol before him
Like talking with his eyes with the god
with all his elderly experience
Holding hands folded against each other
God just looks the same
But for him it means something
With all his strength that time has left
He bowed down his head with his hands shaking
on the top most stair
And he does it with such passion
and fervour
The human inside me is still awestruck

The bus was stuck
Horns were honking, machines screaming to the world
All these noises around
He was still standing and holding hands
Pleading something with his glare
He did not see
I felt the devotion
In his way of bowing
In his way of staring
Straight into the eyes of god
He searched for him in all the temples
Now I think I found the god
The god that everyone
so earnestly believe and respect
The god that everyone
entrust their life with
Was standing and bowing to himself
And looking in the eyes of solace
Seeing his reflection reflect
He bows to the god
in himself

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