Is it just touching her body
Exploring it
In search of treasure
Or am I trying to hide
Something under
In the light of her soul
I found me
From tasting salt on her skin
to feeling this oxytocin
under my skin
and this sudden change in
atmospheric pressure
I am cherishing
Is it just warmth of hers
that I seek
I wonder
Or am I hammering myself
In hope of submission
A soulful performance
For pleasure

Kindling body parts
Covering each other
She was like a rumour
A gossip
but who knows where
As I have found her
I hold her
I am trying to merge
Merge with her
this body and soul
Like milk in water
A homogenous mixture
But this heat will separate us
From each other
Like vapour

An union
Union of two hearts
Two bodies
Two souls
An act so wondrous
this flawless
subtle and sublime
effort to please her
She let me take over
To the other side
Of this act
to climax
A one last favour
is the only way
I know her


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