Witnessing a C- Section

I have encountered many C-sections in the last one month ( internship period) at my hospital ,but I want to share this one particularly because I was with her (pregnant women) throughout her course in hospital.

Earlier that day, we were working in the hospital and one pregnant women at 40 weeks of her pregnancy came for regular check up . I felt that she wasn’t feeling very well, by her body language I could say that her arms and legs were aching and when I touched her to feel her pulse rate she was so cold . Senior doctors were informed immediately who told her it would be best she stayed and start inducing labor . I was the intern incharge that day so I took her to the labour room where I was monitoring her vitals and contractions .Everything seemed fine for the next 10 hours .

That night her contractions got bigger, so unbelievably painful . She cried and tried to use every breath from yoga she knew. I tried my best to keep her calm, but it was really hard. ITS CALLED LABOR FOR A REASON. The baby wasn’t responding well to her contractions still and She wasn’t even fully dilated yet. After two hour , her blood pressure started to rise and baby’s heart rate was also high . She wanted to have a vaginal birth but was only 2cm dilated and because of baby’s heart rate being so high, they were going to proceed with an emergency c-section. She felt devastated and that everything she had planned during her 40 weeks of being pregnant was thrown right out the window and a huge wave of fear and reality set in .

They wheeled her into the Operation Theatre .She was shaking uncontrollably and so nervous. Everyone were comforting her while the anesthesiologist quickly gave a SA in her lower back.

Soon after she laid back on the surgery table she couldn’t feel the lower half of her body ( she said so) . And then the Doctors proceeded with the operation to get the baby out of her belly.I could literally feel her struggle to catch her own breath because a surgeon was applying the entirety of his body weight to her abdomen to shake the baby loose from her ribs. “She’s got a big head,” someone said . The sound of the vacuum as the surgeon attaches the suction and pulls her head up toward a life on the outside. Then he holds her neck and head in both hands as he pulls first in one direction, then the other. Her head emerges, her shoulders, her abdomen. A nurse: “Oh my goodness, look at this baby!” Her foot pops out of her abdomen. The surgeon said , “Look at this baby girl!” The surgeon comes into view as he holds the baby up to the curtain and she saw her baby for the first time. The baby was bloody, slick, vernix-covered, with chunks of an unknown tissue in her dark hair.

“Hey, Mommy,” the surgeon said, and I’ve never been so stunned or so speechless in my entire fucking life on seeing her (mother’s) expression !!

I tried to make her birth story precise . Well, later she had post partum haemorrhage .There were people jumping on her belly, nurses and doctors stabbing her with various medications, people trying to get IV lines inside her and people collecting the various pieces of blood soaked linen to measure the amount that she had lost. Her birth was bloody hard and bloody traumatic !!

RECOVERY has been intense for her . She wanted to take care of her but could barely walk. Little did she know that the next few weeks were going to be a lot harder! I go and meet her daily and all she says is that she is in pain, but that will heal as it’s physical and her heart is so content and she is so much obsessed with her .
I have an all new appreciation for woman who have given birth.

6 thoughts on “Witnessing a C- Section

  1. Well penned dear. Tears of joy rolling down my eyes.Proud of you❤️😆

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  2. Most people say men are strong, it’s true. But I would say mothers are the strongest, bearing un imaginable pain to give life to another has no words to say. But you really said it well.

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  3. I lived my motherhood journey all over again. Thanks for the wonderful post. 😊💛

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    1. Hey . Thank u for reading 😁❤

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