“Being sensitive sucks. It means you take everything personally, overanalyse every situation and conversation; subconsciously manipulating it to be something it’s not. It means you absorb the energy of others around you. It means your feelings are hurt easily. It means you feel everything deeply, and it can suck. But we forget that feeling deeply isn’t always such a bad thing; it gives you the ability to empathise and love authentically, and there is such beauty in that. It is often that the best of lovers are the sensitive ones. They adore you, they think about you, they consider you, they care for you, they admire and support you; simply because they really, truly, deeply love you. “

4 thoughts on “S.E.N.S.I.T.I.V.E

  1. Interesting thought!
    Being sensitive gives you a hard time dealing with emotions, and you get hurt easily when you take small things in your heart easily. But being sensitive also gives us self awareness! Typically, those of us with highly sensitive natures are keenly self-aware as well. Whether this awareness develops over time, or is with us right from the start, we often find ourselves hyper tuned in, not only with our wide range of emotions, but also with the reactions that follow. We learn about our triggers, and we start to understand that while our intense feelings are valid and should not be dismissed, others might not react the same way. And as you also said, it gives us the ability to empathise 💕

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    1. It’s always been said feeling so deeply is a blessing and a curse!

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  2. I have been accused of being too sensitive because I decided not to let someone bully me and disrespect me.

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