The Victim

I am taking a walk

down memory lane

there are answers to

some questions

I need to ascertain.

I have to look at things

from a different angle,

there are threads of truth

I need to untangle.

It might be possible

I am not to fault

for my situation

just an innocent victim

of a character assassination.

I need to find who

has benefitted

from my woe,

who was the instigator

who returned to the shadows

to watch from a distance

as his plan came to fruition

while I was the one

left under suspicion.

It will be hard

to find out the truth,

especially with me

being an unqualified sleuth.

But I will not give up

until I find the answer

and finally uncover the identity

of this callous chancer


photo of man wearing guy fawkes mask
Photo by Frank K on


3 thoughts on “The Victim

  1. Jelena Braumann Jun 21, 2019 — 21:33


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  2. Brilliant. So true to the story I am covering. pathofdestruction,net

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